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announcing the j-incubator home page

Hey all,

Thought you might like to see that the little web space we used for the class has now spawned its own home page so people can learn more about the class and see your projects. It will continue to grow as more classes come online. Thanks again for a great semester!



last minute problems? I’ve got your back

I know tomorrow’s going to be a stressful day. I have been doing my best to respond to e-mail questions as quickly as possible. Ditto to Twitter problems. And, I’m around the office all day tomorrow, from noon to about 4:30.

Do not hesitate to ask for help!

Where we’re going next week

We are going to Google Chicago. Be there at 9:45!!!!

Lecture links 12-4-08

Analytics: Understanding Where they’re coming from
Google Analytics
Beginning Analytics video
Analytics basics
The Death of the Page View
Google Analytics for WordPress Plug-in

Search Engine Optimization: Helping them get to you
The Basics of Search Engine Optimization
Writing for Search Engine Optimization
SEO tips for WordPress
Creating the Curious/Known combo headline
The worst spelled, most informative explanation of basic SEO you’ll find on the web, with lots of great links

Make Modest Money: Simple ad programs
Google Adsense
iTunes Affiliates
Amazon Associates

about your site podcast

It was asked of me today if the podcast assignment outlined in the syllabus was, in fact, an assignment. The syllabus says this:

“Prototype a podcast for your website. Play it for members of your target audience and get feedback. Be prepared to discuss that feedback and play your podcast next week.”

My answer to the question? Of course it’s the assignment. That’s why it’s in the syllabus. It’s also a very good idea: check to see if your content is really going to work for your audience. YES.

Have a good weekend!


Slideshows go here

please put links to your slideshows in the comments of this post (unfortunately, this install of WordPress won’t let us embed the slideshows. Sniff!)

our distinguished panel of experts

Today we are joined by:

Andrew Huff, editor and publisher of
Holly Ross, executive director of the Nonprofit Technical Network
Trish Bendix, blog editor for
Paul M. Davis, founder

Plus, members of the journalism faculty.