Let’s Tweet the Debate!

Let’s delve deep into how Twitter works by tweeting the final Presidential Debate!

Here’s the story: The debate is from 8pm to 9:30pm this Wednesday and is on pretty much every major network and news channel, plus is being streamed live over the internet on various sites, including Hulu.com.

You should, by now, have gotten an account set up on Twitter. If you have one, and I am not yet following you, tweet me @dansinker and I will follow you. If you need to set one up, do so pretty much immediately and tweet me. Tweet, by the way, is a verb meaning “to Twitter.”

Have Twitter handy as you watch the debate. Whenever you tweet (and do so early and often!), append the hashtag #online08 to it (the pound symbol (#) is crucial to this, so don’t forget it!)

Have search.twitter.com open in a separate window, and do a search for #online08. It will continue to update as new tweets are made by you and your classmates—as long as they contain the hashtag #online08.

Feel free to cross-discuss with classmates and myself as this plays out—you can tweet people directly (but publicly!) my adding @ to their username.

Once we’re done tweeting the debate, please post your reaction to the process in the comments here.

Have fun (though please, consider that we are a diverse group of people–nothing offensive!!).


3 responses to “Let’s Tweet the Debate!

  1. Great fun hearing all your thoughts–and some super good insights.

    The lag on Twitter was TERRIBLE tonight. Worst I’ve seen without it actually crashing entirely.

    If you do the search for our hashtag, you’ll probably see more than you did during the debate!

    Thanks again.

  2. Alexandra Sheckler

    That was hard. I didn’t see a lot of my responses and I was distracted for a good portion of the debate at the beginning.

    I got some good laughs because of some responses though.

    Twitter, for a first time user, was aggravating, but not as aggravating as McCain.

  3. yes, there was way too much lag for the most part, and often I would type up posts that didn’t come up in the conversation (they had the #online08 hashtag).
    A 5 minute lag kinda defeats the whole purpose of Twitter, don’t you think?

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