don’t forget: reserve your TECH TIME

If you’ve got questions about customizing your blog, or about your group site (group one and group three, you still haven’t requested FTP access, by the way!), or anything else remember to reserve some tech time.

The first half hour of class is set aside to answering your questions. But you need to let me know you’re coming in advance. Please let me know by midnight tonight (Wednesday)!


2 responses to “don’t forget: reserve your TECH TIME

  1. Group one will be meeting tomorrow in class at 8:45 to work on our site. Also, we do still need access to FTP, to upload our theme. Will you be emailing this to us?


  2. You can’t gain access to the classroom without an instructor present. If you have a technical issue, I am happy to meet. Otherwise, you will have to meet somewhere else. I believe the fifth floor computer lab is open, if you need machine access.

    I need someone from your group to e-mail me for FTP access.

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