Readings 10-02-08

The manifesto of the people formerly known as the audience.

The problems & benefits of social media for journalists

Next week we’re going to be talking extensively about the Real Time web, the most prominent feature of which is the website Twitter. Here are two readings to get you up to speed on Twitter:

How Twitter was the start of RNC coverage, a great look at how Twitter was used to cover the protests surrounding the Republican National Convention.

And here’s Clay Shirkey again, this time talking about Twitter. As always, good stuff abounds.

Finally, next week we will be joined by Daniel Honigman, from Tribune Interactive. He is a “close friend” of the Tribune’s Twitter persona Colonel Tribune.

Here’s Honigman himself explaining how Colonel Tribune works.

Honigman is also wicked smart when it comes to social media strategies. Be prepared to talk with him about your site ideas.


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