Readings 9-26-08

We’ll be joined next week by Georgia Logothetis, better known as Georgia10, a popular political blogger. Two readings related to her visit:

Our visit with Georgia starts in earnest our investigation into Web2.0 and Social Media.

An excellent video primer on exactly what social media is and why it’s important is right here.

An interview with the best mind in the social web, Clay Shirky. (the title and intial premise is horrible, but once you get into the good stuff it gets very very good very very quickly. Shirky’s book, Here Comes Everybody, is completely mind-blowing and well worth the $15 or so you’ll shell out for it.

Finally, a few readings (don’t worry–they’re short) that will get you thinking more clearly about the approach your team needs to take on your site, from the book Getting Real, by Chicago based programming firm 37signals.

What’s the Big Idea?
Ignore Details Early On
Hire the Right Customers
Half, not Half-Assed
Start With No


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