Readings 9-11-08

GateHouse Media Seeks to Disrupt Print-Only Batavia NY Newspaper Market With Online-Only Innovation
This is a story about a small town, the newspaper that currently covers it, and the web-based news site that’s looking to break the stranglehold. It’s an interesting story on its own right, but doubly so in the context of thinking about how to go about building our own news-based sites.

<a href=””31 Essential Online Tools for Journalists.
Bookmark this link for yourself immediately. It’s a new list, it’s got some holes, but it’s very good. You’ll find yourself referring back to it frequently (until someone else makes an even newer one).

The Year of the Political Blogger has Arrived
Great story from the Times a few weeks ago looking at the volume of bloggers at the political conventions this year, and looking into the repercussions this may have to traditional media.


One response to “Readings 9-11-08

  1. I find it interesting that the bloggers are making a good portion of their money from donations. This makes me think that a blog with all expenses listed on the site might actually be able to fund the business through charity, rather than just depending on revenue from ads.

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