sites you like

In the comments, please link to two sites:

1) a site that is doing “new” journalism in interesting ways
2) a site that you think exhibits great visual design

Please include a few sentences explaining why you chose these sites specifically.


32 responses to “sites you like

  1. Oops! I put this on the wrong page! 🙂
    Anyway here are my two picks for the links:
    Mother Jones, is a more leftist site but with some very good political commentary and humor. This to me encapsulates “new” journalism, because the stories are more detailed with more perspective.
    Truth Out, is also “new” journalism. I think some of the reporting is better than the mainstream Times and Tribune stuff. The design is also unlike the mainstream sites, it has fewer ads and it’s easy to navigate.

    I like to get news from this website, although I don’t think I’d call it “sharp” looking. It was the first website to publish news about the Monica Lewinsky scandal. This reminds of the bloggers we talked about today who are spreading rumors that Palin’s youngest child is actually her grandchild and how much power non-mainstream media websites can actually have.
    I like this website becuase it has as lot going on and is easy to navigate regardless of the volume of stories. I enjoy the variation of articles and the liberal disposition of the writers.

    I found that this site is a perfect example of what “new journalism” stands for. A lot of the content is focused towards bloggers and the future of media. While this site necessarily have “hard news” stories, it gives some vital insight into the changing industry.
    This is the official Web site for the Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series, an auto racing series. The site was redesigned early this year, and I’ve always found it to be one of the best organized sites around. As a motorsports journalist, time is very important in what we do, and this site demonstrates easy, and clear, navigation. It also includes a lot of new-age features such as video, audio and a social network/community site.


    This site definitely takes a liberal perspective and many of the articles are investigative pieces that take a much deeper look at political issues than the mainstream media does. I consider the site to be part of ‘new journalism’ because they take full advantage of online resources and their journalists are not afraid to take risks and write the stories that others might shy away from.

    I really like New York Magazine’s website because it organizes it’s information in a way that is easily accessible and divides articles into various categories which keeps the site from being overwhelmingly busy. There are few ads and the sites graphics and photos are amazing.

  5. Alexandra Sheckler

    I think encapsulates “new” journalism by providing readers information on journalistic matter. For instance, there are articles directed towards journalists in the working world as well as J-students. It also provides articles that are covered in our everyday paper, such as the quickly-popular story of Sarah Palin…

    I’m going to have to go with for a website that demonstrates good design. The website is consistent with the actual magazine’s content (such as the illustration.) Video clips are available on the main home page and its visually appealing altogether. Its clean and composed and I really dig the font.

    I really believe this site exemplifies “new” journalism. It’s a site where journalist post up their blogs and explores how this new media and technology is changing journalism.
    The design for this site is funky and very modern. Moderndog is a design,illustration company. Their lay out is easy to find, nothing too complicated. You have every headline to the left instead of all over the page.

    I think the BBC’s Web site is a good example of “new” journalism, because it incorporates a lot of the new technologies that the internet has made possible. Visitors to the site can live stream radio programs, sign up for RSS feeds and email/mobile alerts, watch video, listen to podcasts, etc.
    I’ve always liked the design of this site. They always have cool looking graphics, as well as easy navigation with the drop down menus at the top. I also like how the bright colors pop out against the white background.

    Vocalo is a project started up by local radio station WBEZ to reach out to “non-listeners” who are turned off by the content usually produced on WBEZ. Vocalo allows users to cover topics and issues in their neighborhoods that may not normally be attended to in the mainstream media. Users can post their own audio pieces–news, music, narratives, etc.–and comment on others, as well. Vocalo is following in the vein of the citizen journalism/blogging movement by giving people the medium to write about themselves and the cultures they live in, instead of outside journalists writing about these people. The whole schtick behind it is that is not the radio station’s website…more like the radio station is the WEBSITE’S station. Users can post anything on the website, and producers select some to air on the station.
    It’s been around for a while, but Stereogum has such a user-friendly design that’s still attractive with complementary color palettes. The masthead at the top doesn’t overwhelm the page, a box on the right with the most popular articles is easily accessible and toward the top of the page (great, since many readers look for this box to figure out what to read first), and regular columns are easily distinguishable on the right side of the page with cute illustrations for each. I always know what I’m getting when I go to this site, and it’s not just because I’ve been a visitor for a while now. Everything is easy to navigate and incredibly user-friendly–something that’s really important for those new to the music blog scene (it can get really overwhelming).

    CNN is the easiest, fastest, most current site for news, entertainment, tech, travel and shelter articles. It’s easy to use, with a simple but functional design. It represents new journalism because most of its stories include video, audio or both. This may be cheating a little, because it is affiliated with the television channel making video very accessible. However, the website is able to expand upon topics covered in the broadcast format as well as introduce new videos.
    While taking a Fantasy lit class, I discovered this site to my delight. It’s chaotic; a regular maze of content and information. It’s a dig for information rather than a click, and it’s a delight for adults and children alike.


    I think the BBC News site exemplifies “new” journalism because it incorporates a lot of the new, web-based technologies. Readers can watch video and listen to radio broadcasts, sign up for RSS feeds, and view photo galleries. The site is also interactive, in that readers can post their own photos and comments and thus participate in the building of the site. I think this interactivity is an important facet of “new” journalism, because it opens up a discourse between reader and writer. Instead of being a one-to-many form of communication, news is now becoming more of a two-way flow.

    I’ve always enjoyed the design of the Threadless Web site. I like that the site is easily navigated, with all the drop-down menus at the top of the page. I also like how clean the page looks. The bright colors of the graphics pop against the white background, and the fonts are big and easy to read. I also like the roll-over effect on the T-shirt photos; it lets you zoom in on the image without having to click anything or open any new windows.


    This website to me is new journalism. On this website you can upload a video of yourself to tell your first hand account of a story. You can get news updates sent to your phone, email, or instant message service. This site has countless videos and as a viewer you can get your local news and weather when you provide your zip code.


    This website lets the visitor create graffiti in an art form not in a bad way. Every month they have contest to see who can draw the best and they pick the word and you draw. Very interesting website.


    This site was created by a blogger, which I think says a lot about the new ways of journalism. He has links to other other blogging sites like twitter. I just think it’s people writing about news, making it into news if that makes sense.


    I think their design is simple but yet appealing. The page is easy to navigate through and it has a lot of multi media things that keep you updated on what’s going on with the music scene of that genre.

    All of my friends know this website, but I don’t hear it mentioned much in school. I think it is hugely impacting on readership online. It brings together articles that readers think are important.
    I like it so much, I just assumed it was a well known website, but I’m not sure.
    One of my goals in the future of my career is to have one of my articles “dugg” on this website.
    I know everybody knows this site, but when it comes down to it, I love the design of this site more than almost any other website. There might be one or two things I would change about it, but I love to get my news from here because it simplifies everything. It gives me just the right amount of information, and it gives me the perfect amount of links. I think it is important for websites to be entertaining, easy to browse, and not overwhelming.


    AlJazeera is one of the top news reporting publications and I think their site is a perfect example of how Big News journalism can adapt to new media and even make it their own.
    A site devoted to the art community, it’s filled with sketches and photos and is easy to navigate.

    Here is a website that focuses on civil and political news around the U.S. Besides news it is also a non-profit organization with members who voice their opinions, and raise money through various campaigns.

    Below are two sites, that I think have exceptional design. The first is the Disney site, it includes detailed graphics, Flash applications, audio, and other things I can’t “techinically” describe. But it’s really amazing.

    The second is Obama’s site. Check it out! But to enter you have to provide your email and zip code…

  18. is a website that focuses on civil and political news around the U.S. Besides news it is also a non-profit organization with members who voice their opinions, and raise money through various campaigns.

    Below are two sites that I think have exceptional design. The first is the Disney site it includes detailed graphics, Flash applications, audio, and other things I can’t “technically” describe. But it’s really amazing.

    The second is Obama’s site. Check it out! But to enter you have to provide your email and zip code… Obama Link!

  19. – Not sure if we’re supposed to be replying to this post for Week 2, but there was no other one posted.

    While this is technically a blog site, it’s one of my regular sites I visit each day. It keeps me up to date in the world of technology, providing important news on the latest new gadgets. While most of the content is not original, I feel there is a need for sites like this on the web.

    This is one of the Web sites I write for. I like its design because of its simplicity. It’s a real interesting because the whole backbone of the site is on code developed in 1984. In order to publish stories, you have to login to a telnet server. Everything is code-based in the back-end, making it difficult to learn, but then again very stable. The front-end has a very basic design, making it very easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for. While I think it is getting outdated, a lot of users still like this kind of “simple” design.

    This news site allows anyone to report on what is currently happening around their neighborhoods by uploading images, videos, blogging, and writing stories.
    This anime news site has a great layout with pictures of what they are talking about. The news is right there, it’s not hiding under other stories. The tabs on the left are easy to see and access. I think it’s a clean fun looking site.

  21. Gawker Media (pick: is one of a plethora of websites under the Gawker Media umbrella. Gawker has this amazing momentum going with all of its sites that target specific groups of readers. Each site is basically a glorified and plentiful blog with original content, photos, videos, commentary, columns, etc. Gawker is simply an incredibly smart conglomerate that has managed to create all of these completely different sites, so that ANYONE could find a site that appeals to them. I truly love all of the sites (except Fleshbot–it’s really graphic, beware, ew), but my favorites are Jezebel, Gizmodo, The Consumerist, and Lifehacker.
    The quality of the magazine content (the features) has declined a bit in the past few years (in my opinion), but the publication’s website is semi-impressive. It’s a men’s magazine, and the themes and colors definitely appeal to men’s tastes and short attention spans. There’s a slideshow of sorts at the top of the page that scrolls through some highlighted articles/pieces on the website, the blogs are all highlighted on the right side of the page, and photo galleries are kind of a big deal on the site. And in addition to the website’s clever design, the publication just came out with this revolutionary e-ink cover for its 75th anniversary. I haven’t had the opportunity to find it in stores yet, but the website has some really neat videos and graphics that illustrate the very lengthy process it took to make the cover come to fruition. Check it out!


    This site is a great example on new journalism. The tabs guide you through the different fields in journalism from visual journalism to TV broadcast. You can also view top stories, blogs and columns from some journalist in the field.

    This site has a good design. Although there’s a lot of information, it’s placed in a way that makes it easy to browse through. The map adds a nice detail to the home page.

  23. Alexandra Sheckler

    This is a site for women who blog. You can tag your original blog by adding snippets through a tag. It’s a nice little community for women who are looking for specific feminine content.

    This site has as great of content on the site as they do in their printed format. There is so much information as well as great photos and video options. It’s easy to navigate around this site. Stop Smiling has done it again –


    I love Nylon magazine in print form but I also think that they do a great job of creating a ‘new media’ component on their website as well. They add new content on a regular basis and they have all sorts of multimedia like videos and podcasts of additional events and interviews that actually make readers want to check out the magazine’s website.

    Design Sponge is a site that focuses on product and interior design and it’s apparent that the website designer has a good eye as well. I really like this blog because it integrates elements of website design really well because it is easy to navigate and though the site’s design is busy, it’s not overwhelming.


    Similar to Metromix, this site lists events in Chicago. What the difference? It’s all about science. Pretty specific and interesting. Not a bad design either.

    I think this design is not so flashy, but it is one of the most easily navigated sites I’ve seen. It’s simple, straight to the point, and convenient.

    I don’t even know how many times I’ve used this site… like a billion. I’ve loved and hated it (sometimes you have to sort through about a hundred items before you find the one you want) but it is still helpful.
    I found this site perusing for sites with good design. Lucky me, this one fits both bills. In a no-nonsense format, this site breaks down news by geographic location. Kind of nifty.


    This site is an example of ‘new’ journalism because it couldn’t exist without the Internet. It is one of several independent, Web-only news sources that popped up shortly after the arrival of the Internet, and that got everyone concerned about the new direction journalism was heading. has kept up with changing technology since its inception, adding podcasts, video players, RSS feeds, and message boards to the site.

    The design of this site seems to change every couple days, but I usually like what they come up with. It’s very simplistic, with black text on a white background, which I think makes the photos stand out well. The images of the products are a nice size as well; you don’t have to zoom to see them. But if you do want a closer look, a nice pop up box displays the details of the item, so you don’t have to click back and forth between pages to browse.

    I just realized that all these reasons are why I like the threadless page as well…I guess I have particular tastes..


    This website offers different types of multimedia like podcast, blogs, email alerts, and comment boxes. This new type of journalism allows the reader to get up to date information on the latest news going on in New York and all over the country.
    This is Levi’s official home page for the US. Good design doesn’t have to be in your face all the time. I think simplicity and cleanliness in design can be an attractive thing as well, which is what this website does very well.

    This website is for a magazine based out of Philly. I don’t go here for news so much, but I like the idea of it. It’s more of a niche website based on news dealing with civic injustices, mostly dealing with police brutality, etc.
    This is a website my friend just told me about. I love the way it looks and everything on it. It’s actually sort of newsy just because there is so much going on on it all the time. It’s fun to look around and easy to find new stuff with just a few clicks.


    A Chicago-based magazine that looks a lot like CosmoGirl! but for young Muslim girls of all races and backgrounds. It’s got great features on girls who sort of break the mold and I recently read an interview with Keith Ellison and his daughter, which was a great way to get young girls interested in current events. It’s fun and light but still teaches a lot of different things.

    I’m mentioning this site because this week when I told a friend to check IMDB for some info on a movie, she looked blank and had no idea what I was talking about. Anyone who has ever seen a movie, any movie, should be visiting this site. The Internet Movie Database has tidbits about every movie and TV show that ever aired in the US and a lot of other countries as well.

  31. Two sites I like:

    This is a great site to find different forms of news in all categories. My personal favorite is the showbiz section where I find the most hilarious articles and blurbs.

    The second one is

    It is a great Chicago website that provides the most up-to-date news, but with a sense of humor.


    Not sure if I’m supposed to post this here but here is a link to a cool website that I stumbled across. It has pretty cool videos and the layout is really nice and it has music in the background.

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